Reunion Attendees:

February 8, 2009

Here are the people whose latest newsletter has been return. Thus, they don't know about the reunion, unless you or someone else has told them and they’re not receiving MHS 59 correspondence. The address listed is the latest I have from which my most recent correspondence to them was returned. I you know their address please advise me by mail or email to

Please note the latest updated mailing list I have is accessible at

Ann Brumley Roberts
1820 A N.E.
Miami, Okla. 74354

Jeaneene Davis Landers
2005 N St. NW.
Miami, Okla. 74354
918 542 0883

John A. Bamberl
9402 E. Rimrock Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 95255

Dixie J. Gill Miller
1410 Park Heights
Miami, Okla. 74354

Found Donna Gammon Gustine
505 E N.W.
Miami, Ok. 74354

Found Charles Kempel 10601 S. 652 Rd Miami, Okla. 74354

Vonda Reynolds Wakefield
910 Sky Harbor Circle
Miami, Okla. 74354

Tom Peck
1020 South Franklin
Denver, Colo. 80209

Charles Wyer
PO Box 2332
Kerrville, Tx 78029

Who's notified me they are attending the Reunion:

Brooks "Ever Ready" Schaffer
Joyce Jones" Hotwire" Jacquinet
Karen "Hottie" Norris
Charles "Been missing a long time" Kempel
Joe "Seeing Is Believing" Hutts and Sandra
Virginia "Miss Popular" Leake
Terry "Mr. Cool" and Connie "Mrs. Cool" Westfall
Joe "Good Ole" Kitchen
Gloria Stokes "Former banker of the Pacific NW" Fields
Mike "Long Lost" Lanning
Tom "Mr. Popularity" Wilson and Judith
Linda Whitney Hutts
Milt "Alias Uncle Miltie" Cotter and perhaps "Shay"
Roseanne "Ms. Beautiful Smile" McCracken
Judy "Keep those $$$ rolling" Follis Cobb
Clydene "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" Bond Harkins
Galen "Construction Mogul" Nett
Mike "Wine Connoisseur" Wilson (maybe with a lady)
Linda Palm Reese
Sallie "Slum Lord" Collins
Sue and Gary Weese
Nancy Blocker
Jacquie Robertson
Velinta Dean (I think)
Tony Schreer
Donna Ferris Mitterholzer
Janice Groeneman (formerly Janet Malachi is probably coming)

(And if I've forgotten someone, please feel free to remind me whom!

Terry Westfall has advised me today that rooms at Buffalo Run are $70.00 each if we take 15.. I'm not sure where we are supposed to take them. But anyway... Sounds logical we would need 15. Terry, can we have someone set that up?

The Agenda at this Point

Friday June 12, 2008

(Both Friday and Saturday AM) 8-8:30 meet. Golf at Peoria Country Club

2:00-5:00 Burgers, Dogs, Chips and Soft Drinks. Riverside Country Club

7:00-9:00 pm Coleman Theatre

Afterwards…Stone Hill Grill

Saturday June 13, 2009

Sat. 12-1:30 Pizza Hut Express

Followed By: Memorial Balloon Release in Front of Coleman

A walk through Miami’s Downtown

6:00-7:00 Cocktails at Buffalo Run

7:00 Show Band Dinner at Buffalo Run

Drinks are BYOB… we expect to have a photo set with a photographer so you can be photographed as you enter.

Kindly forward your additions or corrections to the above